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ASCENT VARIO/GPS      Only AUD$419 inc GST and delivery !

The revolutionary newly updated H2 model from ASCENT combines a VARIO and GPS in a super lightweight (93grams !), yet fully featured instrument especially designed for Paragliding and Hang Gliding.

It can easily be the choice as a pilots main vario, a back up or as a specialised lightweight unit when every gram counts. Tandem pilots will also find the ASCENT VARIO especially useful !

It is simple to use, has a large easy to read screen, durable and provides all the information a pilot needs via a number of pages. It is metres/feet selectable.

Altimeter : Temp compensated Absolute and Relative heights (ie: ALT 1 and ALT 2)

Variometer : With user adjustable averager and sink alarm.

GPS : Provides Ground Speed, Glide Ratio, Heading, Positions, and Distance and Direction from Launch. It also features auto altitude calibration of the pressure sensor with the GPS

Flight Memory : Records up to 200  flights with date, start time, duration, start alti, max alti, end alti, max 3 sec lift, max average lift, max sink, max temp and min temp !

Lithium Polymer Battery : up to 10hrs use and re-charge from any of the 3 the supplied chargers - 240v wall charger, 12v car charger and USB charger !

Comes supplied with multi purpose velcro mounting strap (for mounting on wrist, PG harness, HG upright).

For more technical information see the Ascent Vario web site : Click here !

Sales and Expert Advice contact Godfrey directly :
Email : click here
Phone : 02 67856545



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