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UHF CB ICOM IC-41PRO rrp $415our price $319 inc Delivery and Private Channel Programming - Always in Stock

VHF AIRBAND ICOM IC-A15 rrp $407, our price $335 inc Delivery - Always in stock

All ICOM has 5 year Warranty !!!!

Icom (Japan) is a world leader in handheld radio communication. The Australian UHF CB radio's are manufactured to commercial specification and regarded as the best available. ICOM is also well known in the aviation industry as producing the highest quality AIRBAND VHF radio's and produces a compact handheld, the ICOM IC-A15, which is perfect for HG/PG, Ground Crew, Drone, UAV, UAS and uses the same case, battery and charger as the previous standard UHF CB IC41W model. All Icom radio's have a 5 year warranty !

The fully Australian Type approved radio equipment is dependable, durable, easy to use and you don't need a license to operate a UHF CB - all major factors why Godfrey only recommends ICOM for airsports. Use of an Airband radio however requires an operators endorsement - contact Godfrey for details. Manilla Paragliding is Australian airsports only PREMIUM ICOM dealer. All UHF radio's sold are pre-programed with with HGFA and Manilla private frequencies and come with a lifetime of free programming updates as needed. Prices on all radio's include Postage (note that other dealers add delivery cost to all their prices !).

To re-program your ICOM radios (IC40S, IC41S, IC41W, IC41PRO) with HGFA and Manilla private channels please contact Godfrey. Its $55 inc postage.

Godfrey is a radio communications expert starting with CB radio's at age 6 and then moving into amateur radio a few years later. His Manilla Paragliding school uses only Icom IC41W UHF radios and private channels for teaching as reliable communication is critical. He also owns a mountain top radio repeater - the only one in Australia dedicated to airsports !

For expert advice on this important subject of radio's and communications contact him directly on 02 67856545 or email...  click here.

BEWARE : ALL radio transeivers sold and operated in Australia must carry an Australian Type Approval rating (the "N Tick") from Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). Some unscrupulous paragliding re-sellers are offering cheap and nasty non certified chinese programmable radios for sale. There is a fine of up to A$12,000.00 for possession of such radio's. If you were sold one then ask for your money back or place a complaint with ACMA. The seller risks a fine of up to A$150,000.00 !

   ICOM IC41PRO UHF Handheld 80ch CB radio  AUD$319 ALWAYS IN STOCK !

                             Our Special Disc Price AUD$319 includes the proper full performance 1/4 wave antenna, delivery and extra private channels and ID Tag programming 

The IC41PRO took over from the excellent IC41W model. It is lighter, smaller & has more features. They are pre-programmed with HGFA and Manilla private frequencies plus your name - this usually costs $40-$60 extra !. BEWARE : No other radio supplier can legally program Manilla XC channels.

The new standard in 5 Watt UHF CB Handhelds with 80chs and extra private chs !
 Rugged Commercial Grade Quality with a Military spec design (IP67) and waterproof !
 NEW long lasting Li-Ion battery (13hrs typical) 
 NEW In range indication 
 NEW Unique Auto Repeater Scan (Finds available repeaters) 
 NEW Compact lightweight design - smaller than the 41W model

Comes with fast charger and LiOn battery
Commercial grade accessories ( Hands free Audio Options available)
Icom 5 Year Warranty

Genuine Icom Speaker mic to suit IC41PRO & W is model HM158L .. Special Disc price $77

Headset PTT's (finger or helmet button versions) also available : $77

   ICOM IC-410PRO in car UHF CB Radio     New Model

                             Our Special Disc Price AUD$399 includes delivery and extra ch + ID tag  programming

The IC410PRO is a slim line commercial based UHF CB radio with full 25watts of power available on private channels. They are pre-programmed with HGFA and Manilla private frequencies plus your name. This usually costs $40-$60 extra. BEWARE : No other radio supplier can legally program Manilla XC channels.

 80 UHF CB (With additional 88 private programmable channels) 
 Exclusive automatic repeater scan easily finds local repeaters 
 Rugged MIL SPEC construction provides shock & vibration resistance

 Output power 5 Watts (25W with licensed commercial frequencies) 

 Silent Stand-by with CTCSS & Selcall
 Front mounted speaker for clear sound
 Made in Japan

   IC-A15 Airband VHF Handheld Radio   AUD$335 ALWAYS IN STOCK

                             Our Special Disc price AUD$335 includes Delivery

Ideal for CASA and HGFA VHF airband radio requirements - Paragliding, Hang Gliding, Gliding, Ground Crew,  and Operators of Drones/UAV/UAS

Icom’s most affordable (VHF) Air Band Transceiver (For Pilot Applications)
 Simple operation
 Rugged construction
 Output power 5.0 W (PEP) 1.5 W (CW)
 Loud audio output (BTL Amplifier - 700mW)
 Full air band coverage (118-136.975 Mhz)
 200 memory channels (8 character alpha tagging)
 BP232N Li-Ion battery supplied (18 Hrs typical)
 Side tone function, with standard G.A. headsets
 Auto noise limiter (ANL) reduces pulse noise
 Water resistant construction (IPX4)

Comes with fast charger and LiOn battery

Speaker mic to suit IC A15 is ONLY the model HM234... Special Discount price $99

All other ICOM CB, AIRBAND and AMATUER radio's, receivers and accessories are available - please contact Godfrey.

Sales and Expert Advice contact Godfrey directly :

Email : click here

For email orders : Please note your postal address and credit card details or inc a EFT receipt copy - EFT details :  Parafunalia - BSB 032272, AC 113013

Phone Orders  : 02 67856545




























Icom IC41PRO UHF radio




ICOM IC-400PRO UHF CB radio, in car, programmable, 25watt output



 ICOM IC-15 Airband VHF radio handheld

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