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     OUDIE 4                           OUDIE 5                    HYPER                    BLADE    

OUDIE 4 BASIC AUD$ 850 inc delivery - in stock

OUDIE 4 PRO (Full Version) AUD$ 990 inc delivery - in stock

OUDIE 5 XC AUD$ 1050 - in stock 

OUDIE 5 PRO AUD$ 1190 - in stock

HYPER AUD$ 890 inc delivery - in stock

BLADE AUD$ 1690 inc delivery - in stock



Oudie 5

The OUDIE 5 is like an OUDIE 4 but with extra features like FANET and FLARM.

There are 2 versions - XC and PRO. 

Both run the same hardware and have FANET and FLARM. The XC version has basic competition functions, the PRO unlocks the full competition functions. Check the compare all OUDIE's via the link below.

OUDIE 5 Features:

  • Gyro-assisted vario
  • Sunlight readable colour LCD
  • Fanet+ to see other free-flight pilots around
  • Flarm to be seen by glider pilots and general aviation
  • Worldwide maps and airspace pre-loaded
  • Gloves friendly touchscreen
  • Lightweight, perfect size
  • Thermal assistant
  • Wind assistant
  • Ready to fly - no setup
  • 12-hour autonomy (battery life)
  • XC Tasks created on moving map terrain with touch
  • Internet connection through Oudie Live for flight uploading
  • XC and FAI Triangles
  • 3D Airspace assistant with free updates
  • Immediate flight uploads and goal declaration
  • Responsive touch screen is easy to use even in thick gloves
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • Easy and free software updates

The OUDIE4 will continue to be produced and available at the same prices as before as not everyone wants or needs FANET & FLARM on board. See OUDIE 4 info below.

OUDIE 3/4 upgrade to OUDIE 5

The good news is that ALL OUDIE 3 & 4 can be upgraded to the OUDIE5 spec at anytime

All pre-March 2019 sold devices which receive an upgrade to OUDIE5 spec will look as new after the upgrade. They will be returned in a new housing, with a new battery, more powerful main computer and a Fanet / Flarm wireless communication module.

OUDIE4 bought after March 1st can receive the upgrade anytime for the exact cost difference to the OUDIE5 - they won't get a new housing and battery as they are still almost new - approx A$200 

OUDIE3 and OUDIE3+ > OUDIE5 upgrade will cost approx A$500

OUDIE4 (Basic and Pro) > OUDIE5 upgrade will cost approx A$300

The OUDIE upgrades at this stage can only be done with Naviter directly for info: Click Here !

COMPARE all the OUDIE's : click here !


OUDIE4 IT'S GOT THE LOT ! RRP $850 (BASIC), $990 (PRO) inc delivery. In stock !

Naviter Oudie 4

The OUDIE 4 is a premium flight instrument specifically designed for Paragliding and Hang Gliding. The OUDIE series is already well respected in the gliding scene. It is ready to cover all of your XC and Competition flying needs: 

OUDIE 4 Features

  • Ready to fly - no setup
  • Extremely responsive and accurate Vario assisted by inertial sensors (gyros, accelerometers and magnetometers)
  • Sunlight readable LCD with Touch panel optimized for gloves
  • Worldwide maps and airspace pre-loaded
  • Long lasting battery with quick charger
  • Lightweight (350grams)
  • Perfect size
  • Vector maps for the whole world pre-installed (roads, rivers, lakes etc.)
  • Airspace files for much of the world also pre-installed
  • Software which fully supports Competition and XC Pilots
  • Thermal Assistant
  • Wind Assistant
  • Easy and free software updates
  • Competition tasks
  • Multiple profiles
  • In-flight FAI Triangle Assistant
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • And more...

OUDIE 4 comes in 2 versions : BASIC and PRO - the hardware is the same in both cases !

BASIC : This version is for recreational pilots who want a advanced flight instrument but don't need extended functions that Comp pilots use or fully customisable data fields. It has all the hardware functionality of the full version but is limited in some areas by the factory installed software. It has 57 "NavBoxes" or info display outputs. It has a factory pre-set configuration and some settings modes are disabled. It has full 3D airspace warning like the full version, but misses out on the Competition and FAI triangle features. The basic can be upgraded to a full version by online purchase of a software upgrade.

PRO : This version is for Competition and record chasing pilots. It has 89 "NavBoxes" or info display outputs. Available new or as a later software upgrade of the Basic. Features highly detailed user settings and configuration menu's (ie fully customisable) and allows for Competition and FAI Triangle functions.

OUDIE4 BASIC > PRO upgrade : $140 - this is a software based unlock code upgrade, email for details

Accessories : 

HG mount : $95 in stock

PG pouch with velcro back : $45



HYPER THE FULLY FEATURED MINI OUDIE ! RRP $890 inc delivery - In stock !Naviter Hyper 

Hyper's pocket size and advanced features make it ideal for your daily flying activities including hike-and-fly adventures. It will help you navigate simple routes and around complex airspace and also record all the details of your flight.

HYPER Features

  • Pocket size (107 x 70 x 18 mm)
  • Very Lightweight (135 g)
  • Sunlight-readable color touch display
  • Easy to use buttons (so you dont have to touch the display when wearing gloves)
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Airspace
  • Hike-and-fly mode
  • 21 NavBoxes (Info display outputs)
  • Perfect stand-alone or as a backup for your Oudie4

Accessories : PG silicone pouch with velcro back $45 in stock


BLADE THE OUDIE 5 PRO FOR HANG GLIDING RRP $1690 inc delivery. In stock.

Naviter Blade Naviter Blade

The BLADE was designed especially for Hang Gliding. All relevant information is presented on a color moving map. With airspeed and total energy compensation. For pilots who want all of the functionality to win competitions and enjoy safe cross-country flights.

BLADE Features

  • Total Energy Compensated vario
  • Airspeed sensor
  • FLARM and FANET modules in built
  • Worldwide maps and airspace loaded
  • Sunlight readable colour LCD
  • Gloves friendly touchscreen
  • Slim and Aerodynamic
  • Thermal assistant
  • Wind assistant
  • Ready to fly - no setup
  • 12-hour autonomy (battery life)
  • XC Tasks created on moving map terrain with touch
  • Internet connection through Oudie Live for flight uploading
  • XC and FAI Triangles
  • 3D Airspace assistant
  • Immediate flight uploads and goal declaration
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • Easy and free software updates

Accessories : Speed bar mounfor Moyes, Icaro, Aeros and Wills Wing. RRP $110


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