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Spot GPS Tracking of Pilots in Manilla

SPOT GPS Tracking and Messenger   SPOT GPS Tracking and Messenger

This page is for links to the shared SPOT pages of pilots who regularly fly in Manilla (or are here visiting).

ATTENTION PILOTS USING SPOT : if you would like your SPOT page shown here please email Godfrey with the link ... Click here !

SPOT is a GPS tracking and messaging system pilots can use to enable others to see where they are and also to send a SOS message to search and rescue (SAR) services in case of emergency.

Pilots using SPOT either have "Live Tracking" enabled or simply use a "OK" message at the end of a flight. Live tracking gives a location automatically every 10mins and is displayed over a Google Map.

For product information see the SPOT link on the side menu or... Click here !

Click on the links below to see each pilots status !!! (please note that not all these pilots are still in Manilla - we intend to keep this list of SPOT pages permanently as a resource :-)

Greg Allen :

Laurent Blaize :

Simon Corbett :

Gerhard Eiser :

Graham Eville : /viewspots.jsp?glId=0Jk31qaRWpGut7BRjoEmYkZRpiBFk78xS

Arlid Flatland :

Bill Franks :

Xavier Girin :

Nico Hundling :

Terri Jewel :

Paul Kimber :

Barry Oliver :

Cam Lawrence :

Stuart McElroy :

Magdy Malik :

Bruce Marks :

Craig Nagel :

Lynn Nagel :

Stephen Noble :

Jen Persson :

Alex Raymont :

Jochen Rink :

Kari Roberson :

Kirsten Seeto :

Gaynor Shoeman :

Kris Smith :

Matt Smith :

Claus Visher :

Dan Wells :

Dave White :


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