ADVANCE and CHARLY Accessories    Advance Paragliding Accessories 


Advance has since 1988 produced a wide variety of paragliding accessories made to the highest standards.

Functional and designed with the needs of pilots in mind: this is the philosophy behind the ADVANCE clothing and accessories range. Here, too, it is the small yet important details that make the vital difference to user satisfaction both on the ground and in the air.

Charly of Germany has been making accessories for paragliding and hang gliding since the beginning of the sports and is well known for great quality innovative products.

Advance Paragliding Cockpit  COCKPIT CARRY RRP AUD$185 - new model in stock !

The COCKPIT CARRY stores accessories or ballast

  • flight panel with velcro base
  • adjustable to fit all harnesses and easy to hook in
  • easy access to the main compartment when flying
  • two big side compartments
  • internal divided compartments for USB battery pack, radio etc

The cockpit can hold a ballast bag containing up to seven litres of water.

Advance Paragliding Cockpit  FRONT RESERVE MOUNT - ZIP LIGHT RRP AUD$165 - Some sizes in stock !

Comes in 3 sizes S,M,L and weighs from just 116 grams.

Key Specs:

  • Reserve volumes of 2.0 to 2.7 ltrs (size S) / 2.5 to 3.5 ltrs (size M) / 3.5 to 5.5 ltrs (size L)
  • Size S ideal for SQR Light 80, 100
  • Size M ideal for SQR Classic 100, SQR Prime 100, SQR Light 120
  • Size L ideal for SQR Classic 120, 140 / SQR Prime 120, 140 / SQR Light 150
  • Vario Velcro in the top
  • Not suitable for steerable reserves

Advance Paragliding Cockpit front mount reserve  COCKPIT GUARD (Front Reserve Mount) RRP AUD$xxx - not currently available

GUARD holds a rescue parachute as a front mount system. Great for use in Paramotoring and also where a second reserve is needed (eg: acro).

Advance Paragliding back pack Easypack 2  COMFORTPACK 4 AUD$275 in stock

The new COMFORTPACK 4 is a state-of-the-art paraglider backpack, which excels through its high carrying comfort, slender shape and outstanding design. Its trapezoid back design allows for good packing and easy closing even for bulky harnesses with foam protectors.

It sits perfectly on the back due to its slender and compact shape. The adjustable hip strap with a tightening buckle each side gives the  backpack the best hold-up grip, and the shaped shoulder straps spread the weight evenly on the shoulders. 

The trapezoid back shape gives the COMFORTPACK 4 the volume where you need it, namely in the small of the back,  where the main support strap is widest and thickest. An internal compression strap in the same place also allows the harness foam protector to be compressed effectively, and this works especially well with the ADVANCE SUCCESS 5 and IMPRESS 4  harnesses. The main zip can then easily be closed without a struggle.

Colour : Grey

Comes in 4 sizes - 100L, 115L, 130L and 145L 

Weights range from 1.1 - 1.25kgs

More info: Click Here !

Light GreyErgonomic back section and shoulder straps


Advance Paragliding back pack Easypack 2  LIGHTPACK DLS and ULS - NEW for summer 2023 AUD$330 Please contact us for availability

The new for 2023 Lightpacks from ADVANCE come in 2 versions DLS and ULS depending on the mission.

Both are state-of-the-art light weight paraglider backpacks, which excel through their high carrying comfort, slender shape and outstanding design. Their trapezoid back design allows for good packing and easy closing.

They sit perfectly on the back due to its slender and compact shape. The adjustable hip strap with a tightening buckle each side gives the backpack the best hold-up grip, and the shaped shoulder straps spread the weight evenly on the shoulders. 

Designed for Hike and Fly or just for those wanting to save weight and pack volume without sacrificing carrying comfort. 

The ULS is the same as used by the ADVANCE Red Bull X-Alps atheletes !

Colour : DLS : Glacier Blue, ULS : White

Comes in 4 sizes between the models:

ULS - 52L (550gm) , 60L (570gm) and 70L (590gm)

DLS : 81L (620gm) and 91L (640gm)

More info:

DLS : Click Here !

ULS : Click Here !


Advance Walking Bag  DAYPACK 4 AUD$125 in stock

Light and functional; the new small daypack for pilots and friends!

The practical partitions offer sufficient space for your files or laptop/tablet; so with the new walking bag you’re ready to face the day! 

The daypack from ADVANCE is the ultimate fashion object for pilots, friends and trendsetters!

It's the classical accessory for non flying times and has plenty of space due to the large main and front pockets. The two sidepockets are ideal for your gloves or any drink bottles.

2 colours available : Coral Blue and Ruby Red

Coral blue Ruby red


Advance Speed Arms TUBE BAG DLS  TUBEBAG RRP AUD$145 in stock

The new design 2023 ADVANCE TUBE BAG is a premium quality concertina bag with all the right features to make concertina packing and storing you glider easy.  One size fits all. Suits all glider types for fast and effective cell by cell pack ups. 

One size : 260cm, weight 300grams

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Glacier Blue

Advance Speed Arms FLATBAG DLS  RRP $175 in stock

The new 2023 ADVANCE FLATBAG DLS replaces the COMPRESS TUBE BAG is similar to the standard tube bag but uses a compression zipper to reduce the volume of the pack once folded. Its light weight and allows a glider to more easily fit in a smaller backpack.

It comes in 3 sizes S, M and L for 3 different maximum chord length glider sizes : 235cm, 260cm, 290cm

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Glacier Blue

Advance Speed Arms COMPRESSBAG STD, DLS and ULS RRP $88 Most in stock, check for sizes.

The new 2023 ADVANCE COMPRESS bags come in 3 versions.

Each are conically shaped with a helpful anti-snagging zip. The compression inner bag considerably reduces packed volume.

Standard - Spectra Green/Black, from 60 grams, Sizes XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL. As delivered with standard gliders

DLS - Glacier Blue/Black from 120 grams, Sizes S, M , L, XL. As delivered with the DLS series of glider (eg Iota3 DLS, Sigma 12 DLS)

ULS - White/Black, from 60 grams, Sizes XXS, XS, S. M. L. As delivered with the ULS series of gliders  (eg Theta ULS, Omega X-Alps ULS) and used by the X-Alps winning pilots !


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Advance Speed Arms  FASTPACK RRP AUD$285 in stock

The new 2023  ADVANCE FASTPACK is a premium quality quick pack rucksack that fits your glider and harness. It is acknowledged as the best design and quality fastpack on the market. At 1.2 kgs the FASTPACK has been designed with a fresh view on how this type of quick pack up system should work. See the advance web site for full the info link below.

Also comes in Tandem size 200L (weight 1.35kgs) : $325

More Info : Click Here !

Ginger Red  

Advance Hip Bag Bum Bag  HIPBAG AUD$25 in stock

Hip bag with five pockets - four are fitted with a zip, the material is water-repellent. Logo-embroidery on the front.

Advance Hip Bag Bum Bag  RADIO POUCH  AUD$40 in Stock !

Clever radio pocket design for all modern radios (max size 13 x 6 x 3.5cm). Fits on all webbing - eg shoulder strap - see pic below

Advance Hip Bag Bum Bag  HOOK KNIFE  AUD$49 in Stock !

The Hook Knife was introduced with the IMPRESS 4 and is now available for all ADVANCE harnesses. With its double blade, webbing and lines can be cut through as quickly as possible in an emergency. The Hook Knife is supplied in its own bag, including safety line. With the help of a Velcro and a Bullet-Toggle, it can be attached to the shoulder straps of all ADVANCE harnesses and can be pulled out easily by one hand.

Advance Speed Arms  SPEED ARMS RRP AUD$99 in stock 

The ADVANCE Speedarms keep the jacket or flying suit underneath perfectly smooth and close to the body, while retaining maximum freedom of movement. A high Lycra content guarantees very good elasticity,  perfect fit and shape stability. A central zip makes the ADVANCE Speedarms easy to put on. This seasons colour is PacificBlue.

They come in two sizes: S/M for pilots up to 180 cm; L/XL for pilots from 175 cm in height.

Colours : Red, Green

Advance Speed Bar  SPEED BAR (Carbon Fibre) with LINES + CLIPS RRP AUD$99 in stock

The ADVANCE speed system can be used with any glider or harness on the market. It comes standard fitted onto Advance Success, Axess and Progress harness models .

The Carbon Fibre speedbar is easy to reach, thanks to the ergonomic angle of its hard webbing loop. Delivered with speedbar, lines and quick links.

SPEED BAR LINE AND CLIPS : Sold separately $22 (pair) in stock.

Advance Stubai carabiners   CARABINERS  - misc in stock

- Stubai Powerfly (stainless steel - top left of image) is a stainless steel self locking carabiner approved by the DHV to be used with solo and tandem paragliders as the main harness to glider connection $38.50 in stock

- Edelrid Alias (black - bottom centre of image) is a new generation alloy self locking carabiner (delivered standard on all Advance harness's) and is approved by the DHV to be used with solo and tandem paragliders as the main harness to glider connection $38.50 in stock

- Mallion Rapide 7mm rectangle stainless steel - for glider/harness and reserve riser/harness connections where needed $22 in stock

- Other sizes and types - please contact us for information

Advance Paragliding harness seat board wood and carbon fibre  SEATBOARD RRP $145 (carbon fibre) in stock

The seatboard is a very important part for the comfort of the harness.

All ADVANCE harnesses are delivered with a carbon fibre seatboard. This seatboard should not be used for any acro manoeuvres.

The weight of the carbon board is between 250g (S) and 290g (L).

  GLOVES AUD$85 ($95 for size XXL with mitten pouch) check sizes in stock

Excellent design windstopper paragliding and hang gliding gloves with reinforcement where you need it. Has long cuff to ensure warmth when arms are outstretched.

Features tactile finger tip for touch screen device use, plus option for heat pads for those high altitude or cold days.

  TOW BRIDLE AUD$99 back order

DHV approved hand realease tow bridle for paragliders. Simple, safe, effective and compact !

  QUICK OUT CARABINER AUD$155 each / $310 pair : includes postage ! Back Order Only

Proven design from Charly. Easy to use, safe and reliable. For glider detachment after reserve deployment and operations in high wind areas (especially Tandem operations)

You might also need the SPEED SYSTEM QUICK RELEASE to suit the Quick Outs $49 (in stock)

  BALLAST BAG by ORTLIEB 10 Litres AUD$49 in stock

Made by Ortlieb of Germany this 10L ballast bag comes with a 5 year warranty ! It has webbing straps for secure mounting. It is the best on the market - all others are not as durable.

Sales and Expert Advice contact Godfrey directly :

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Advance Speed Arms  TUBE BAG RRP AUD$7

The ADVANCE TUBE BAG is a premium quality concertina bag with all the right features to make concertina packing and storing you glider easy.  One size fits all. Suits all glider types for fast and effective cell by cell pack ups.