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COMPANION Reserve parachutes are the result of a collaboration between some of the industries highest qualified designers, test pilots and manufacturers. The new generation SQR (Square round) design is the best available on the market.

CHARLY Products of Germany has been designing and manufacturing high quality reserve parachutes for paragliding, hang gliding and UL aircraft since 1989. They designed the ever reliable and now classic double cap pulled apex models that are copied by most manufacturers now.

Between both brands there are models at various price ranges to suit every application from light weight hiking models through to solo and tandem models and ballistic reserves for ultralight aircraft. Below are the main ones. Please contact Godfrey for info about other models/applications.

Manilla Paragliding offers a reserve re-pack service for all models and brands of reserve parachute - see Service & Repairs section or  click here !

Please note all prices are subject to change due to currency fluctuation - for an updated price please contact Godfrey.



COMPANION SQR Series 100/120/140/230     RRP from AUD$850 In Stock

The new generation SQR is a hybrid of a round and square (or cross) style canopy. The design offers higher pendular stability thus lower real world sink rates. Use of new premium material provides lighter weight for a standard durability construction type. Pack volume is significantly reduced. Deployment/Inflation is fast. Unlike square or cross designs, the SQR packs easily and in the exact same way as any round canopy !

The SQR STANDARD series comes in 5 sizes:

SQR100: max weight 100kgs (1.2kgs) $850

SQR120: max weight 120kgs (1.5kgs) $900

SQR140 : max weight 140kgs (1.7kgs) $950

SQR230 : max weight 220kgs for Tandem operation (2.3kgs) $1550

The SQR LIGHT series comes in 4 sizes for Hike and Fly:

The SQR Light are the exact same design as the standard series but made with premium light weight materials:

SQR80 Light : max weight 80kgs (834grams) $980 New Size !

SQR100 Light : max weight 100kgs (970grams) $1050

SQR120 Light : max weight 120kgs (1200grams)  $1270

SQR150 Light : max weight 150kgs (1445grams) $1490 New Size !

SQR190 Light : max weight 190kgs (1937grams) $1690 New Size !

For more info about COMPANION SQR Reserves please see their web site : Click Here !


   Paragliding Reserve EXPERT 100 and EXPERT 120  RRP AUD$740/$770  On Request Only !

Charly's often copied famous DHV certified double-cap system for fast openings and stable roll dampened descents. This new improved model is the same design as the previous REV1/2 (also called GS1 and GS2 - GS stands for Gleitschirm = paraglider). 

The EXPERT model uses the highest quality German silk to reduce the weight and pack volume considerably from the previous series.

EXPERT100: 31sqm (1.5kgs), max weight 100kgs

EXPERT120: 35sqm (1.7kgs), max weight 120kgs


   Hang Gliding Reserve Clou2SAS HG140  RRP AUD$1050 On request only !

Charly's often copied famous DHV certified double-cap system for fast openings and stable roll dampened descents. HG model has longer bridle. Phone for HG Tandem reserve details.

Clou2SAS HG: 35sqm (2.8kgs), max weight 140kgs


    Paragliding Reserve - Tandem DUO 160 and DUO 200  RRP AUD$1100/ $1350 On request only !

Pulled apex with rapid deployment bands, almost pendulum free descent. Suits heavy pilots (110kgs+), PPG as well as light tandem use. DUO 200 is a double cap design. Tandem HG reserves also available DUO160 $1020 - please contact Godfrey.

DUO 160: 55sqm (3.2kgs), max weight 160kgs

DUO 200: 55sqm (3.9kgs), max weight 200kgs


   Trike (WM) and Ultralight (UL) Reserves  RRP from AUD$1600 On request only !

Charly's has a large variety of fully DULV certified powered HG, WM and UL rescue systems available. For max weights starting at 150kgs right through to ballistic models to 450kgs and 150km/h deployment speeds.

Please contact Godfrey for more information or for tech specs click here.


High Adventure - BEAMER3 RRP $1250 Available on request only

The steerable Rogallo reserve parachute of choice from the Swiss company who first designed it. Max weight 130kgs. Weight 1950grams. It is recommended to use a pair of Charly Quickout carabiners and speed system disconnects with all steerable reserves.


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