FLYTEC E-DRIVE - Electric Powered Propulsion Unit

NOTICE : FLYTEC has Discontinued the e-drive for the time being ! The content here is for information purposes only. The system cannot be ordered anymore.

FLYTEC of Switzerland have patented a revolutionary new, light weight, high efficiency, electric motor power unit suitable for paragliding, UL trikes and UL gliders (like the Swift Lite - see separate Swift section - click here !).

Two sizes are available - HPD10 and HPD13.5 - the model relates to the kW output, thus 10 kW and 13.5kW. Combined with the specifically designed FLYTEC propeller they give static thrusts of 500N (HPD10 with a 1.3m prop) and 750N (HPD13.5 with a 1.4m prop). The motors have a peak output power 25% higher temporarily available for 1-2mins to assist the take off phase. Generally the HPD10 is used for solo aircraft and the HPD13.5 for dual seat aircraft.

Duration very much depends on the battery size and what type of flying is done. Testing done so far with a medium size paraglider and a pilot in the middle of the weight range indicates approx. 20mins of cruise flight per 24Ah battery pack. Each 24Ah battery pack weighs 12kgs. The 40Ah pack weighs 16kgs and would privide approx 33mins of cruise time.

Recharge time depends on the size of the unit and charge rate. The ACS18 charger (18Ah output) for example would charge the 24Ah pack in approx 1hr 20mins.

Components that make up the complete system are : Electric motor, motor management system, battery pack, folding propeller and charger. Prices are exchange rate dependant but at AUD 1.00 = EURO 0.70 the HPD10 with 24Ah battery complete would cost A$9000 + delivery (ex Switzerland) + GST. Then you need to add a suitable paragliding harness or aircraft airframe.

For more technical information please see the FLYTEC web site - click here !

Below are some currently available and under development products...

E-Drive Paramotor Cocoon Pod

E-Drive Paramotor


E-Drive Nano Trikes


E-Drive Swift Lite (see Swift section)