Paragliding Equipment Service, Repair, Checks and Tests


Godfrey's Manilla Paragliding offers the following services :

Reserve Parachute Repack  AUD$55 (+$20 Express Postage if required)

The SAFA Operations manual requires reserve parachutes to be re-packed every 6 months. We offer a convenient Express Post service with 48hr turn around for reserve re-packs - this is based Manilla. You can drop off your reserve to us directly in Manilla too.

It is advisable to include (or bring with you) your reserve's manual and re-pack log book.

Posting details : Manilla Paragliding, "The Mountain", Manilla NSW 2346

Please include a money order or cheque or credit card details for payment (or phone through), a return addressed 3kg Express Post bag (or add $12 to your payment) and contact phone number or email.


Glider Porosity Check  AUD$55 ( Postage at cost if required)

Godfrey is Australia's only industry expert in glider materials and testing. Since 1995 he has been working with the worlds leading material manufacturer, Porcher Marine (makers of "Skytex") and ADVANCE, and been involved with the field testing of new materials and coatings. Manilla Paragliding uses a $7000 laboratory standard test meter for the Porosity check - its the only one of its kind in Australia. A report is provided.

Porosity checks should be done every 2 years in order to keep track of the materials degradation. A P-check is also wise when selling/buying a used wing to ensure you get what you pay for.


Glider Check  AUD$275 ( Postage at cost if required)

A full glider check - porosity, lines, risers. A report is provided containing results and recommendations. Non ADVANCE brand gliders may take longer to process due to delays is receiving line charts and lengths. If no line length schedule is available then the report will only comment on line airworthiness at a discounted price ($155).


Glider Repairs - ADVANCE Paragliders  POA

Generally small repairs can be made by the pilot using rip-stop tape and replacement lines. Both items and advice are available from Manilla Paragliding.

For ADVANCE brand gliders larger repairs are sent to the ADVANCE factory in France for an as new factory repair. For other brands and older gliders we recommend the services of Jiri Hlavity - Paragliding Repair Centre in Western Australia. (Click here for his web site).


Glider Test Flights AUD$155

Godfrey has been involved in prototype test pilot work for ADVANCE of Switzerland since the early 90's. A test flight involves checking the glider for all phases of flight and noting characteristics with regard to the norm and includes peformance testing. A report is provided. This especially useful for gliders after major repairs have been made.


FLYTEC, NAVITER, VOLIRIUM & ASCENT Instruments : Repair and Spare parts

Godfrey's Manilla Pargliding is the Australian importer for FLYEC instruments. We stock most regular instrument parts (eg LCD screens and housing/cases) and offer an install/repair service. Some items need a back to the factory repair and we can advise on that.


Sales and Expert Advice contact Godfrey directly :

Email : click here
Phone : 02 67856545